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Read what our customers think about our cleaning services:

When we first meet to discuss your cleaning (or other) requirements I will bring my letters, references and insurance documents.  I have lots of happy customers who would also be more than happy to speak to you to verify my credentials.

Testimonials from my lovely customers

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"Sheila has consistently provided a reliable and professional service. We have a fantastic cleaner - she is incredibly efficient, polite and happy to do any task asked of her. I have also used her for an 'after the builders been in' clean, I thought I would never get my house back to normal but she did an amazing job in just one day. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal and professional cleaning service."

Jenny Bradley

"Super job Sheila thank you.  I will try and keep the dog out of your way next time but I think he likes you too lol"

Mrs. S Stokes

"I love coming home on a Wednesday as I know the house will be sparkling!! Sheila gets far more done in 2 hours than I think possible and she always does the little extra bits too when she has time. It is always done to a very high standard, and she always addresses exactly what I have left on the matter how grim!!! I would thoroughly recommend Wring Me Out to any busy working Mums (or Dads!), as it's just one less thing to worry about."

Darren Stocks

"Thank you so much to Sheila for making me love my house again, what you can do in 3 hours is what I try and do in a week!! Coming home to a super clean house is one of the best feelings, and I look forward to each and every one of your visits, I'm so glad I found you !!  Such a lovely polite lady too."

Mrs. G.A. Johnson MChS

"I highly recommend WringMeOut. Sheila always arrives right on time and is at hand to help with all my cleaning.  She always leaves my home looking and feeling fantastic. I love walking through the door when I know she has been and just entering that really clean zone! Nothing is too much trouble for her. If you do not use Sheila at the moment, you really should consider her, as you are missing out!"

Dr A Hughes B.Sc.,M.D., CCFP(EM)

"This was our first scheduled cleaning. We are so HAPPY with it. Sheila

did a fabulous job. We are both so looking forward to her coming next month.

WOW! Even better than we expected. Having a professional clean our new

home will save us so much time and make our house look  fabulous!

We have more time to spend with each other and a lot less stress of having

to worry about cleaning the house. Everything smells fresh and clean and is

so shiny and sparkling. Great job Sheila see you on the 17th."

Mr. Richard Hall

"Dependability, customer service, the ability to clean it not only as good

as I do (and I am picky) but even better... Thank you x"

Cathy Green